High resolution digital copy shot services

Our West Seattle photo studio can accomodate large and small artworks for professional digital copy shots. We are experienced in capturing original works of all types, processing RAW camera files and editing for print, web, portfolio and large format output. Raw captures are processed in Lightroom then any editiing is done in Photoshop and proofed on our HP Z9 & HP Z3200 printers with pigmented inks on Fine Art papers.

Photo studio with Written Word
3 panel 60"h x 144"w oil painting by Dan Brassfield getting set for copy work.
We shot these in 3 panels then digitaly composited for limited edition prints.

Archival prints for the Downtown Historic Theatre District in Seattle for a Washington State Convention Center project. We provided copy shots of historic posters and printed on satin photo papers. We also provided expert imaging and printed over 50 additional historic photo works from theatre archives.

Historic archive images from the Paramount Theatre, Town Hall and Moore Theatre ready for trimming and mounting.


Experienced Fine Art Digital Printmaking
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Rock's Studio

Copy work starts at $50 per artwork including RAW capture, processing of file to client format and soft proof. Larger portfolio projects and special needs such as fragile, difficult materials, multi-panel works and other specifics can be quoted on request. Please feel free to call or email to discuss your project and get a quote.

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Copy shot of 35"w x 72"h original pen and ink drawing - composited on copy shot of organic paper for artist Nancy Clark.