Digital Printmaking
Rock's Studio uses a NEW HP Z9 & HP Z3200 Designjet printers and offers large format prints up to 44 " wide by length. These Vivera pigmented ink prints on canvas and fine rag papers have an archival rating of up to 200 years on most substrates. Rock's Studio has complete capabilities to work with your PC or MAC files and original artworks.


Left to right: Fiona McGuigan , Greg Probst, Al Doggett

Pigmented print on Water-fast canvas for Photographer Greg Probst

Working with many artists, galleries and museum clients over the years have given us the experience to produce digital prints of the highest quality while working with a variety of clientel to make sure projects go smoothly. From stretching canvas to deckling prints to installation and mounting, Rock's Studio looks forward to discussing your next print project.

Please call 206.935.5788 or email with questions or additional information.

Installation of unique prints on film for Nichole DeMent at Seattle Center Theatre 2008.

Map print for Elliot Bay Brew Pub ready to stretch.

Following is information about setting up files
and providing original artwork for copy shots.

A copy shot can be made from your original artwork. Original line, gray scale and color artworks can be captured up to 36" x 48" and larger. Please make sure artwork is dry or fixed before delivering. Call ahead to schedule a drop off.

Image Editing
Images needing repairs, alterations such as damage, unwanted marks,removing signatures or restoration in older artworks or photographs - and creative concepts are welcome and we enjoy finding solutions for art projects. Resizing, cropping and other services are available.

Call to discuss your projects.

Setting up files for output

Formats: Mac or Windows

Media: CD's DVD's or USB thumb drives
We are happy to arrange Dropbox or other service file transfers.

Colorspace: Adobe 1998 works great for initial soft proofing and should be embedded in the files.

Resolution: 360, 300, 180 or 150ppi @ 100% of final output dimension is best.

Using profile to profile conversions to get from a special user colorspace to Adobe 1998 will provide very good results. Remember to change your settings in RGB setup to reflect the correct colorspace. This will allow you to more accurately review the file for adjustments before proofing (this is a good starting point for client tests for output.) In Photoshop you can preview and also embed the profile when saving.

*Please provide flattened files and any hard copy materials in advance if a match is desired.
*Let us know about any critical deadlines.
*Always back up your files!

Experienced Fine Art Digital Printmaking
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