Whether small family photo restoration or critical restoration and imaging, Rock's Studio has experience with digital restoration projects such as antique prints, photographs and documents, maps and posters. We can provide high resolution copy shots, digital restoration / repair and top quality archival prints on fine papers and canvas.

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below: Restoration imaging for Jeffrey Oschner's book on Lyonel Pries' artworks.

above: Photo restoration and composit of 3 images for UW professor & architectural historian Jeffrey Ochsner's book "Lionel Pries: Architect, Artist, Educator: From Arts and Crafts to Modern Architecture" 2008.I provided numerous digital restoration, repair and imaging experience for book publishing of damaged paintings, archived photographs and Pries' drawings for this project.

Before & After:

above: Extensive restoration and repair of damaged and faded wedding photos.

above: Restoration of faded childhood memory.

above: Engagement photo from snapshot.


ROckwood restoration
above: Restoration, repair and archival print of damaged and faded original from 1886 era.

above: Simple restoration and repair of damaged b & w photo.

above: Restoration and imaging of family snapshot portriat.

above: Before and after of old photo that was curled, bent and had a "haze" over the surface. Repaired chemical surface bronzing effect at right. Adjusted to match existing print for displaying together.





above: photo correction edits for coffe table book project about furniture. Prepared over 60 images for spots, footprints on backdrops, prior editing errors, brightness, color balance for consistancy, lighting problems.




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